Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Hi, I'm stupid.
I moved my blog over a month ago and JUST NOW realized I didn't change the "blogroll me!" link when I moved. I'm just not that clever these days, apparently. Well - if you still have this site blogrolled, please change it. I don't post here anymore. Click here to blogroll me at my new location and come over there from now on.

Sorry I'm so lame.


Friday, October 07, 2005
It's time for a change...
I'm saying goodbye to Blogger and moving back to paulnlaura...so please blogroll me at my New Location and come on over!

See ya there!
Thursday, October 06, 2005
Endorsed by Diddy, I'm sure!
I just saw a commercial for the Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade - it has spinning rims and a cupholder and an FM radio. Pablo could be such a baller!
Thursday Thirteen

13 Super Sweet Morsels about Laura

1. I've been married for one month and three days and couldn't be happier about it. So many people said getting married wouldn't change anything for us, since we've been together so long, bought this house, had four kids...but really, it's changed everything. I'm so proud to be married to Paul! He really is my lobster. Haha!

2. I'm going to the zoo tomorrow for the first time in a VERY long time. We bought a membership last year and didn't end up using it ONCE!! I was pregnant, so I have a decent excuse for not wanting to walk all over hell and back, but still. Won't be making that mistake again.

3. I can't believe how excited I am to find out that a Chicken Taco del Carbon from Del Taco is a mere three points. If I'd known sooner, I would have eaten two. They're so freakin' good!

4. Now that I have a bazillion wonderful pictures from my wedding, I want to start scrapbooking. I have no idea where to begin. Help?

5. Last night, we met our case manager from Early Childhood Intervention. She was super nice, and made me feel so much better about getting the kids in speech therapy! AND, she told us we may qualify for a grant for respite care, so I can get out of the house sometimes ALONE! Imagine the possibilities!

6. Once again, I have more laundry to do than I can even imagine completing in this lifetime. And I still have my clean clothes sitting in a basket in front of my closet door. Grrrr.

7. Someone came up to me in Wal-Mart today and said, "Excuse me, but I was just wondering - were you on the news a few months ago?" I'm practically a celebrity, dude.

8. My jeans are getting looser. Go, me. I'm a points Nazi!

9. I'm almost ready to move my blog back to my domain. So, expect news about that soon! (Blogger is gettin' on my nerves!)

10. My best friend and I cried on the phone today, having a little verklempt moment about both of us wanting what's best for the other. (Don't worry, it's all good.)

11. Paul made me a new mix CD of brand new hip hop and left it for me in my van. See why I married him? (And the weenie is good, too.)

12. I'm making some WW-friendly chicken enchiladas tonight. If they come out good, I'll share the recipe for my fellow points Nazis.

13. I decorated my house for Halloween for the first time, in, oh, this lifetime. Bought new pumpkins and everything. It's terribly cutesy. Perfect for the kids, but Paul thinks it's just SAD, as his life-sized, perfectly realistic looking electric chair and victim sits in the basement under a tarp. Oh well honey! Maybe we'll have a grownup party next year. This year, the party's just for playgroup!!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I love being a woman.
Except for being on the rag, that is. So, this is my second month of having a real period without being on the pill. It sucks. I have cramps, I'm bloated, I'm breaking out, I'm STAAAAARVING!!!, it all sucks. I'm ready go go back on the pill; I don't care if I got my tubes tied!

And I feel all emotional and shit too. What am I, thirteen? I feel all teenage girl-ish all of a sudden. I'm sad and jealous that my best friend is hanging out with someone else all the time. Not jealous that she's not hanging out with ME, but jealous because she has a friend who lives right across the street!! Why can't I have a friend who lives right across the street??

And I'm bummed out that I missed Medium on Monday night (even though I had a freakin' blast going out with the moms in my twin club) and Paul had the GALL to watch it without me! I wouldn't have watched his favorite show without him! I'm sad that he won't let me get a Tivo. Did I tell you about my master plan to get a Tivo? It's going to involve lots of blowjobs. And then lots of holding out. Haha! Unfortunately, I'm too much of a slackass to put the plan into place. Nikki keeps us up at night so much, I'm soooo tired. I'm never gonna get my Tivo. Wahhhh.

And I know this is lame, but I'm so mad that my pumpkin is already squishy. I'm gonna have to throw it out with the trash tomorrow. There's no way in hell it's going to make it until Halloween. And all the good pumpkins are already gone now, I'm sure.

And, Angie never called me back so I could tell her that the twin club sale is Saturday, but the member's sale is Friday night and that's when I'm going, but sadly, I can't bring her with me. Are you reading this, Angie? Let me know what you're looking for and I'll look for it. Or you can go on Saturday morning and pay a buck to get in: Here's the info.

And, I'm supposed to be hosting a Halloween party here on the 25th for Playgroup, but that's the day Pabo and Mallory go for their speech evals. So, no Halloween party, unless I can convince them all that kids can get together and play on other days besides Tuesdays.

Bitch, whine, complain...see why I love being a woman? I know tomorrow will be better!!
Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.
I'm so discouraged about my results so far on WW. Today's been a week since I started, and I've only lost about four pounds. My official weigh in day is Monday, and on Monday I'd lost six, but I figured since it's been a week now, I'd weigh again. Big mistake! Four pounds for a first week on WW REALLY SUCKS ASS. I can't remember how much I lost my first week last time I started, but I know it was more than this!!! And I've followed the plan so perfectly, too, BARELY ever dipping into my flex points. I started my period yesterday, so I'm going to blame that, because otherwise I'm going to be terribly disappointed!!!
Tuesday, October 04, 2005
No fair!
Kayley's Halloween Costume

That, and more, over on Flickr!

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Sunday, October 02, 2005
Slacker Post.
* My parents came over today and watched the kids so I could go shopping. I used a gift card from our wedding to buy new bath towels - yay! Ours were ratty as hell. I also went to the Skechers outlet and bought myself TWO PAIRS OF SHOES! Yay! It's only been a year and 11 months since I bought new shoes. (!!) And since I LOVE Target so much, I went in and bought toilet paper and sponges and baby food and some pasta and a can of formula and a new bra. Only because it was between Linens and Things and the Skechers outlet. I still hate that store.

* Paul's currently halfway across the state, on his first Official Motorcycle Ride With The Boys. He sounded giddy the two times he called. The first time, they were at the brand new Hooters in Colorado Springs, and the second time, they were at the foot of Pike's Peak. I don't imagine he'll be home for dinner. When he called, he said, "Honey! I'm going to join a motorcycle gang, okay?" Haha!

* The kids are being extra good today, in spite of the fact that Nikki kept most of us awake for several hours in the middle of the night. We're currently sitting on the patio and Pablo and Mallory are sharing one Little Tikes Cozy Coupe (yes we have two, but for some reason...) and Nikki and Lexi are in their walkers, babbling to each other. And I'm enjoying having a 'net connection out here. It's a BEAUTIFUL, blissful autumn day. Oh wait, Nikki's crying now.

* Mallory got hurt on the playground - she hooked her heels in while she was going down the giant slide, and the momentum spun her around upside down in the air and she did a faceplant in the dirt at the bottom of the slide. It was DAMNED traumatic for both of us, as all I could do was sit and watch her get hurt. Ugh!!! She's doing fine now, but has road rash on her face. (I had to dig gravel out of her teeth! Poor baby!)

* Tomorrow is my twin club meeting and I'm so excited - it's been so much fun lately. This year, they've been doing a lot more fun things and a lot more fun people have joined the club. I always used to go to the meetings dutifully, but barely talked to anyone. Now it's great! Whee! (And I forgot to buy cheese and crackers to take to the meeting when I was at StupidTarget. Dammit!)

* I started Weight Watchers again last week. You may or may not know that I was doing WW when I got pregnant with the girls and had pretty good success with it, and I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for that magic SWITCH to get turned on in my head to make me start up again. It happened last week, and I'm so happy. Already, my clothes are looser and I feel a lot better. I can't wait until I like how my clothes look again! That's the thing about having a baby. (Or four.) The numbers on the scale don't even really matter. I weigh less now than before I got pregnant, but my clothes sure as hell don't fit like they did then!! Looking forward to saying buh-bye to some of my twinskin. (You twin mamas know what I'm talkin' about.)

* Kayley and I went shopping for her Halloween costume - got to get that done early or it's too picked over, y'know? She's going to be this little angel/devil which suits her perfectly. She's already picked out which earrings she's going to wear and boots and everything. I thought she was going to be with her dad on Halloween, but he has plans, so she'll be with us after all. Yay!!! We're going to go trick-or-treating with RaeJean and her brood, and I just can't wait. So far, Paul and I don't have plans to dress up, but I guess that *could* change?

* I'm getting sick of blogspot. LOL! I'm trying to set up my blog on pMachine again, but holy fucking hell, it is slow going. I don't have much time to really work on the blog, because I really need undivided attention when I'm writing code and messing with templates and all that, so I don't do it while the kids are up - only late at night. At this rate, expect my blog to be back on paulnlaura about...hmmm. Christmas?
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Stupid Target.
I went to Target anyway. By the time Paul got home, I was really annoyed, and when he said, "Babe, if you're leaving you need to go NOW because I need your van out of the garage so I can work on Ruben's car..." I decided to pack up the kids and go.

I hate Target. I know everyone else on the planet loooooooooves Target, but I hate Target. I LOVED Target back when they were slightly better than Wal-Mart and knew it. Now, it's like they think they're Kohl's or Mervyn's or something, except with groceries. Their stuff is so weird and overpriced, it bugs the shit out of me. Want a Rubbermaid toilet brush? Sorry, you have to get one designed by Todd Oldham. Looking for clothes? Hope you like Mossimo! And it seems like almost EVERYTHING is in, like...way too much packaging with fancy fonts on the labels. And the food - again, it's so random. They have like ten brands of one thing, and none of another. I was looking for reduced fat cheese, which in the supermarket (and at Wal-Mart!) they have by the truckload. At Target, they have fat free Kraft singles. Great. But would you like some weird fruit that nobody eats? How about pre-made sushi? Ten thousand food items made with artichokes and sundried tomatoes? Visit Target. All the trendy shit on the planet; none of the stuff you actually need. And those weird commercials too. Hey, Target. You're still a discount store!

And I got rope lights for Kayley's room; $9.99. Paul was sure to let me know they're $5.99 AT WAL-MART. I got sparkling water, but they only had two flavors, tangerine lime and strawberry kiwi. Again with the huge selection of nothing. I got cucumbers, but they were overpriced, plastic-wrapped, ORGANIC cucumbers, because that's ALL THEY HAD. I got parmesan cheese, but it was some brand I've never heard of (on sale) and when I got to the register, it was ringing up as NOT on sale. That's happened to me like FIVE TIMES at Target. And will they fix it? Fuck, no. Go stand in line at Customer Service if you want your money back. Do you know what they do at Wal-Mart? They GIVE YOU THE ITEM. When we walk in at Wal-Mart, a greeter gives my kids a sticker and gets me a cart. At Target, a security gard gives me the hairy eyeball. Plus, all their stupid plastic red carts are always STUCK TOGETHER and there are always these little clusters of carts all spread around from people trying to unstick them and eventually giving up. I can't WAIT until our Wal-Mart opens. I can't. WAIT. It'll be right down the street, so close!! I love my Wal-Mart, but I hate driving for twenty minutes each way every time we shop. And I'll never feel like Target is more convenient again. Whee!